Networking. Solved.
Spotted the perfect contact? Unsure how to connect? Weavit finds the best route in your network.

Networking is a guessing game.

We all know our contacts. But we don't know our contacts' contacts. If you need to connect to a specific person or key role in a company, it can take hours or days to find out if a friend or a close relationship can help.

Your best friend might be very close to your next opportunity, and you don't know it.

Linkedin? Useless for intros.

LinkedIn is a great directory, but useless for introductions. Most of us have thousands of connections and would only be able to make an introduction to 20% of them.

Even worse: we might not even be connected to our closest contacts.

Weavit solves this.

We act as your trusted gate-keeper. By joining the club, we help your close contacts access your Network. Without revealing who you know.

Paul needs an intro to Mark? We simply let you know that you could help Paul. If you are happy to do so, we will let Paul know. If you prefer to decline, no worries - Paul will never know.

Searching for an expert? A job? A speaker? Friends in a new place? Future co-workers? Weavit will find the route.

Join Weavit networks and access your best contacts' best contacts, while offering them the same. Win-win with no trade-off.
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