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Our brain is a map of everything we know. We connect things every time we think. However, we cannot rely on our memory forever.

Over time, this leaves a lot of our brilliant ✨ thoughts forgotten.

Weavit is a mobile app designed to help you capture your
thoughts 💭, tasks ✅ and inspiration 🌐 📸 📹 from anywhere.

We find  & link people, topics and events you know to your thoughts and tasks so you have a digital map of your mind.


Curate your thoughts from anywhere

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Use Cases

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Use Cases

how many suggested
links we found
a weblink
a thought inspired by
your weblink
the next thought you had.
a topic we found for you.
a mention of
your friend, John
a link to the first block.


Every thought turns into a block

Multiple saved thoughts create a thread.

Better Productivity Habits

Zettelkasten - Sonke Ahrens

Taking notes in bitesize pieces greatly
increases your productivity. Recommended
by John Ray.

Tina Ray suggested I use Weavit so I don’t
forget anything and I get inspired, often.

Better Productivity Habits


What we believe in

Simple algorithms are immensely powerful.

Simple, human-made and explainable. Weavit can already infer impressive affinities between contacts, companies, events and we are working on more integrations to surface the most useful information for you.

Our users are not the product.

We take privacy very seriously. No one accesses your data, and we certainly won’t sell it; that’s why Weavit comes at a moderate monthly cost to pay for the infrastructure and the team that develops and maintains the App.

Collective intelligence will help the world.

Sharing knowledge should be as simple as telepathy. That’s why Weavit is a private knowledge network. User knowledge is private until shared. It’s like a user giving someone else restricted access to explore their digital garden.

We’ve only got one suggestion for you...
To try Weavit yourself.
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Simple but extremely powerful.

Integrate your existing knowledge.

You can only build your intelligence based on what you already know. Weavit allows you to integrate your existing data from G Suite, Microsoft and your social accounts so you can build your thoughts and ideas on top of that.

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Build a graph of
your mind. 🕸

With every thought, you’re connecting people, places and topics. When you capture them on Weavit, we’re helping you build a digital graph of your mind.

The Vision

Your data protected with World-Class Security. 🔐

We’ve developed Weavit with security as our number one priority. We use SHA-256 encryption to ensure that your personal data stays completely private whilst on the app or in transit. Every thought you put on Weavit is completely encrypted.

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AI-driven suggestions.

Weavit finds keywords representing people, events and topics you know within your text and suggests them to you. All you need to do is confirm that Weavit is linking the right thoughts to the right people.

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People have long wanted a better tool for thought...

Extremely easy to use, helped us develop our Vote for George Washington micro-site extre- mely quickly! We will definitely use it again for other projects

on LinkedIn

“I’ve been using PPS to pay my bills for months, it’s been a long-awaited upgrade for the system that almost all Hong Konger’s use.”

on R/oijsdaoijd
on Teams

I’ve built my website with Startup just in one day, and it was ready-to-go. Code is clean and simple, easy to use by people with almost any level of programming skills.

on R/oijsdaoijd

As a business targeting high net worth individuals, we were looking for a slick, cool and mini-malistic design for our website

on R/oijsdaoijd

Join 1500+ others already waiting for Weavit.

We'll be progressively releasing Weavit to users over the coming months.

Weavit allows you to:

Take short, bitesize notes
Annotate imported content from anywhere on the web.
Type out a task, alert linked to anyone.
Navigate to any date in history to find all your thoughts.
Get suggested thoughts, ideas and related content.