Our brain is a map of everything we know. We connect things every time we think. However, we cannot rely on our memory forever.

Over time, this leaves a lot of our brilliant ✨ thoughts forgotten.

Weavit is a mobile app designed to help you capture your thoughts 💭,tasks ✅ and inspiration 🌐 📸 📹 from anywhere.

We find  & link people, topics and events you know to your thoughts and tasks so you have a digital map of your mind.


What we believe in

Simple algorithms are immensely powerful.

Simple, human-made and explainable. Weavit can already infer impressive affinities between contacts, companies, events and we are working on more integrations to surface the most useful information for you.

Our users are not the product.

We take privacy very seriously. No one accesses your data, and we certainly won’t sell it; that’s why Weavit comes at a moderate monthly cost to pay for the infrastructure and the team that develops and maintains the App.

Collective intelligence will help the world.

Sharing knowledge should be as simple as telepathy. That’s why Weavit is a private knowledge network. User knowledge is private until shared. It’s like a user giving someone else restricted access to explore their digital garden.

We’ve only got one suggestion for you.  To try the App yourself!(100% free for a limited time)


The minds behind Weavit

Our team is a melting pot of cultures that began to build Weavit last year. We believe the best way to create collective intelligence is by having a wide diversity of inputs synergised under one hood.

Join us

Emmanuel Lefort

There are three sorts of mathematicians: those that can count and those that can’t.

Komal Narwani

There’s always a simple solution to even the most complex problems.

Alexandre Abidri

I like Ant because they represent the most successful version of the concept of teamwork.

Apo Kong

My stomach is a blackhole. It is always looking for snacks and treats. Feeding me will make me feel loved.

Digital Marketing Intern

Could this be you?

Software Engineer

Could this be you?

QA Testing Intern

Could this be you?


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