Setup.Search. Connect.
Weavit is your Networking companion tool. Better, smarter for connecting.

Let us compute Who You Know.

We use a patent pending algorithm to determine who you might know the best: based on your email and text traffic.

Setting up a Weavit account takes 3 minutes: login via LinkedIn*, connect the email accounts that represent you the best and install the Chrome extension to enjoy enhanced browsing.
This is it. You are part of the club.

*This ensures we correctly map you to your public profile, and Weavit users can find exactly you, and not someone that resembles you.

Search for your next opportunity.

If the person you would like an introduction to has a public profile and is sufficiently connected to one of your close contacts, you can request help for an introduction. Weavit will direct your request to the best contacts that might be able to help.
You can search for persons, places, companies, roles...

Deal with requests.

Weavit is a club: members give and receive. From time to time you may receive requests for introductions from one of your contacts, to another of your contacts.

Weavit is also very strict about never disclosing members contacts. If you cannot or do not wish to help, it's all good. No one will ever know.

A network 100x larger than Linkedin!

Weavit grows as fast as the number of close contacts of their members. If one of your close contacts joins Weavit and has 500 strong contacts, these are 500 contacts you could reach instantly! Weavit's network can expand 100 times faster than a traditional network.

And a few bonuses.

Follow your activity.

Since we compute how much you know your contacts, why not offer you to see that information for each of them?

Want to leave Weavit? No problem.

It takes 1 minute to entirely remove any of your data from Weavit servers. Just ask.
And by the way, we are obviously not using or selling any of your data. It's 2023.

Join Weavit and access your best contacts' best contacts, while offering them the same. Win-win with no trade-off.

Weavit network is currently running on alpha. Leave us your email to be updated when we launch Weavit networks Beta.

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