Never forget a thought again.

Weavit allows you to integrate your professional data so you can capture a thought and mention, or tag what and who you already know.

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Key Features

  • Say goodbye to folders

    Say goodbye to folders

    Say hello to a flat structure of organisation where you can link things together instead of putting them in separate files/folders.
  • Create a knowledge graph by linking

    connect things, intuitively

    Our minds organise information with associations and with Weavit, you can do the same! Link your companies, events, people and topics to each other.
  • Notes

    Bi-directional note taking

    Jot down your next best idea by taking smart notes connecting companies, people and topics. Better yet, you can easily link notes to each other.

How does it work?

Endless Navigation

Weavit works the way your brain does. With associations, you can endlessly travel from one item to another within the app and jot down anything you think about along the way.

Build on What You Know

Link your professional productivity suite to Weavit to get a curated list of events, companies and contacts you already know - ordered by relevance to you.

Smart Notetaking

Weavit let’s you take highly customisable notes, linked directly to a global database of topics, people or companies in your network

Link Your Data Together

When you link data together - Weavit makes it obvious to you what's most relevant in your world but also in the world of your contacts.

Say hello to the world’s first knowledge network.

When you link your contacts, companies and ideas in an intuitive way – you’re creating knowledge. On Weavit, your knowledge can be packaged and shared.