In our previous post, we discussed how to Use Your Personal CRM to Find a Mentor, and why mentorship is important as an entrepreneur and professional looking to grow their experience and skillset.

One of the most powerful decisions you can make is the decision to grow. If you’re looking for ways to grow in 2021, look no further than your sphere of influence, or what we call your relationship network.

2020 may have left a major dent in our psyches, so many of us are looking to become better people, increase the quality of our lives, or, even, meet our everyday goals. Yet we often leave out the most important part to meeting personal development goals: people. In life, what we accomplish pales in comparison to who we are doing life with. So, instead of writing down all of your goals for 2021, let’s take a look at your personal and professional relationships. We’ll discuss how to identify synergies between these relationships, and develop a system that works for you in the long run.

Identify synergies across your relationships (Priscilla du Preez via Unsplash)

Who’s in your relationship network?

Personal and professional relationships can easily be overlooked when we’re too focused on meeting our own goals. First, identify who is in your relationship network. This can look like writing down names, looking through your personal directory or Contacts app, or reviewing your LinkedIn network. Do they work from the same company? Are they a mutual friend?

As soon as you have the names down, begin organizing these relationships. This can look like organizing based on clusters that make sense to you. When you start mapping out how and where you formed these personal and professional relationships, you form an awareness of what communities you are connected to. Questions you might ask yourself:

  • In which communities did these relationships emerge from?
  • Did you meet several people from one community or at an annual event?

Identifying Synergies

We define synergy as, “the interaction of two or more people that creates a greater contribution together than they would independently.”

Although an abstract concept, synergies can be identified independently or as a continuing conversation between two or more people. If we’re talking about personal growth, this can be anything from setting an accountability system with colleagues to meet and develop professional skills outside work, to forming mentoring relationships with mentors and mentees in your people network.

So, how do we identify these synergies?

If we’re talking about personal growth, we need to jot down what areas of growth we’re looking for, and what areas of expertise we have to offer. At the same time, initiate conversations with the people around you to identify their areas of growth and expertise.

Document this information using your favorite note-taking tools, whether they be lists, mind-mapping tools, or an excel spreadsheet.

Personal development is an investment

Ultimately, who you spend your time with are the people who influence your mindset, values, and actions. As soon as you identify these areas of growth, have conversations with the people in your network and professional relationships, you begin to live intentionally with your relationships, and therefore, your goals.

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