You plug-in data. You quickly scan your inbox to confirm so-and-so’s email. You plug in more data. You then call current prospects. Repeat.

In short, your team puts in the effort to meet sales goals, and your CRM, marketing platforms, and other data resources track your progress. Sound familiar?

Where Data Science and AI Come In

With CRM strategies, data science and AI are helping companies become business and sales intelligence-ready. These new tools can crunch numbers and forecast, and also help managers and executives contextualize those analytics. Data science and AI come into the picture to help your team focus more on increasing revenue through value-driven relationships, not on inputting and managing client data.

For example, dashboards are not built only for sales reporting, but also for providing context to the numbers you see. Understanding that your team reached 40 prospects out of 65 because your dashboards indicated when they were making calls to new prospects gives you context for the results you’re seeing. As sales managers, you need to know where you need to shift your efforts and coach your reps. The goal for a sales dashboard is intelligence: to point you to the action(s) you need to take to either stay on track — or course correct — to achieve your goal.

Sales tools can enable you to reach bigger goals. Image by Freepik

Here are our top picks this month

That being said, we’ve selected our top 3 AI and Data Science CRM tools for you to consider adopting. Granted, there are many reasons to not adopt new technology, but we’ve narrowed our favorite ones down for you.

The problem being solved:

Marketing, sales, customer success, and finance teams are known to work in their data silos, leaving data fragmented.

Enter: Clari. A Revenue Operations Platform that changes the landscape of your revenue process by gathering and organizing all your revenue data on all fronts. But Clari’s insights create precise assessments, forecasts, and helps you take decisive action at every point in your sales cycle. Clari “reduces time spent on manual data entry by 80%,” so your sales reps get 20% of their time back to sell more.

The problem being solved:

Team silos, fragmented and disconnected data, repetitive tasks are done manually.

Enter: Domo. A Business Cloud Platform that connects and normalizes data from any source, with over 1000 pre-built APIs, custom apps, and real-time data visualizations on any device. By seamlessly integrating data, your teams can share KPIs, analyze data, and solve problems in real-time. Powered by AI and Data Science, you can create immediate visualizations from Big Data, at the tip of your fingers.

The problem being solved:

Data that gets lost in the dark, “orphaned contacts,” that aren’t associated with an account, or contacts connected to closed/lost deals; and the cliché of sales and marketing alignment with repetitive manual tasks.

Enter: They’re bringing insights and execution in one Enterprise-Grade Revenue Operations and Intelligence (ROI) platform to provide actionable business intelligence. Their AI generates self-updating contacts and analyzes years of history to drive accurate forecasting and more predictable results.

These tools are more than just CRM platforms. Business intelligence and revenue operations are all integrated, which can be overwhelming as it can be absolutely powerful. As you develop a business goal-oriented strategy with clear customer-centric success objectives for your CRM and coach your sales team throughout sales processes, every opportunity for your business will be maximized. Your organization will be productive. AI and Data Science are here to simplify your life–not complicate it. More than that, it’ll help your business spend more time on your revenue goals and less on repetitive manual tasks.