If you've taken the Weavit knowledge management personality quiz, you're in the right place. Learn more about the type of knowledge manager that you are in the article below!

If you're a collector...

A collector has an undeniable thirst for knowledge

You're likely to:

  • Have a huge appetite for information and knowledge
  • Have a desire to collect unusual thoughts, articles, objects
  • Have created an intricate system as a way to organise your knowledge
  • Classify, Organise, Index and make links to clusters of information
  • Build mind maps, models and frameworks into which large pieces of information will fit.
  • Quickly understand other people's frameworks and be an efficient finder of information

If you want a guide to any knowledge landscape, be it a research task or a first visit to a large exhibition or trade show - find a collector and set them loose.

If you're a connector...

A connector uses their network for knowledge exchange

You're likely to:

  • Be a very valuable knowledge management personality type
  • Collect relationships and be fantastic at connecting people
  • Point someone towards a person in your network if they ask you a question, rather than to an article/post
  • Introduce people to each other after understanding their needs
  • Have a lot of casual conversations and keep people 'warm' through your correspondences
  • Be very curious about what people know and also what they're looking to learn about
  • Anticipate, link and connect people when they're in need of help

Connecters are great in a team of collectors so they can leverage the knowledge of those around them and play it forward.

If you're a communicator...

Communicators take the complex and simplify it for anyone

You're likely to:

  • Be a born storyteller!
  • Be very good at taking large chunks of indigestible information and turning it into something presentable and concise for multiple different target audiences
  • Excel at creating reports, presentations, meeting notes, briefing papers and discussion documents in the workplace.
  • Take the unspoken and ambiguous and turn it into some digestible for anyone.

Communicators are born storytellers, they synergise with connectors to present knowledge to the right people.

If you're a creator...

Creators are a rare knowledge type and known to be 'true' knowledge creators

You're likely to:

  • Be the expert that your colleagues turn to for advice
  • Product theories, models and systems for others to follow
  • Run daring experiments and then synthesise them in reports, articles and books
  • Apply the collectors knowledge in your "frameworks"
  • Apply the communicators presentations in your "articles/books"

Creators are the ones we turn to for 'paid' advice. They work at different levels of expertise and time constraints compared to normal professionals.

If you're a critic...

Critics cut the fat when it comes to knowledge management

You're likely to:

  • Be comfortable trimming the fat in high-information, high-speed environments
  • Judge information based on the perceived trust and intelligence of the provider
  • Have strong analytical skills to spot internal inconsistency or flaws
  • Maintain good networks of informants whom you can use to cross-check and authenticate knowledge.
  • Observe, Speculate, Question, Check and Experiment with different theories and practices

Apply the Critic to your Connector and Collector networks, and you’re really onto a good thing.

If you're a consumer...

Consumers are amongst all of us

You're likely to:

  • Be consuming, creating, collecting and connecting knowledge at different points of your professional life
  • Be mindful of your contributions in the workplace as sometimes this role can go unrecognised and under-appreciated.

Our tip for the consumer is to check out their next best score and beef up the skills within that particular knowledge management type so that they can truly shine in their workplace.