How do you keep track of the people around you? Knowing which contacts can help you, which ones are important and which ones need nurturing is key — to keeping your business on course. This article shows you how to set up a personal CRM system that will help you succeed. In this article, we’re going to cover how start-ups and small businesses can fully utilise features of personal CRM and get the most out of it.

A personal CRM is a tool that helps you manage your contacts and their information in an organized way. If you implement it correctly, it will help you filter through contacts by location or industry, and then sort those leads by their relationship with you. In fact, a recent study from Accenture showed that companies that leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software are 25% more successful than their peers.

As an entrepreneur, the amount of people you deal with on a daily basis far exceeds that of a normal person. Especially if you’re fast-tracked for success; you’remore likely to have a lengthy list of contacts, investors, and potential clients that can be useful to your business. Keeping them in Google Sheets is the quickest way to drop them into a void never to be heard from again. If you want to increase efficiency and become more organized — a personal CRM might be exactly what you need. This system, used by anyone from headhunters to C-suite executives can bring many benefits.

Here are some resources for you to discover the perfect match, and to find out what works best for you when it comes to building a personal CRM.

Here are two of the many ways, Weavit can help you be a better entrepreneur.

1. The importance of recording little details on people…

Think about an investor meeting you just went to… what did you talk about? It can be hard to grasp the little details that made a difference but they’re often the things that make you memorable in conversation. The ability to intuitively associate common topics of interest between you and your contacts is one of the key features we hope to deliver with Weavit.

2. Complex Searching within your world

A simple search might get you the person or topic you’re looking for. Complex search takes place in more than one field, allowing you to uncover hidden links in your world. With Weavit’s smart search modifiers, easily discover common traits between individuals, events, companies, and other topics that might not occur to you at first glance.

Aside from the above features, here are some habits that are encouraged to better prep you for success:

Keep your contacts clean by eliminating redundancies

‘Dirty’ data has been shown to be one of the biggest inefficiencies for users of databases. Smart suggestions from the Weavit app allows you to intuitively and easily link people into groups/topics and merge duplicate entries for the same person (Read: we do all the work for you so you don’t have to!).

We discuss tactics and strategies here:

Review new information at the same time, daily.

Habit building is all about making sure that you can discipline yourself to complete the same action time and time again. Doing so requires willpower but another way to fast track your way to better habit building is by setting aside the same time daily to complete an action. Want to get better at retaining information? Spend 10 minutes daily at the same time to reinforce your knowledge.

Interested in seeing how these features come together in one single app? You’re in luck — Weavit is building the innovative productivity tool that helps you achieve everything above, and more. Join other Fortune 500 leaders in being part of our beta here.